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With the fall of the Berlin Wall and acceptance of new capitalist regimes in CIS countries came massive opportunities. Many companies willing to risk entering the market early were rewarded, becoming brand leaders. But they also found new dangers unknown in established Western countries like corruption, organised crime and a sea of ever-changing laws in fledgling democracies.

Ukranian real estate was a prime target which soon became overheated; just as Moscow collapsed in 1997, so did Kiev. Since that time business has become more stable, with the economy showing steady growth. The property market in turn has stabilised.

At first glance, Kiev is very attractive - but once off the high street, one soon realises it has suffered from 100 years of neglect and is in desperate need of reconstruction. TCI continues its long history in property investment and development in one of the hardest markets in the world, navigating a legal and bureaucratic minefield designed to restrict development and any kind of foreign investment - making even the simplest construction extremely slow going.

Once established in the capital, we looked further afield. With many of the former CIS countries applying for entrance into the European Union, we set our sights on the historic town of Chernovtsi on the Ukraine/Romanian border, where East and West Europe would soon meet.

Our first project in Chernovtsi was a restaurant in the town centre. This encompassed all our newly gained knowledge of property and construction in the Ukraine as well as drawing on our past catering experience in the 1970s. Similar to projects in other countries, this was a joint venture with local partners. They were invaluable in terms of local knowledge, building techniques and contacts. However, what they lacked were the traditional European business and accounting practices we take for granted. Training and cooperation were essential to ensure a successful project. The restaurant, called “Reflections”, serves European and Middle Eastern food and opened August 2004.