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FM Payne CEO 1938-1995


The original company dates back to 1938 when it acquired the King’s Head Hotel at Harrow - a favourite meeting place of Winston Churchill as well as the royal family and dignitaries from around the world.

The Group quickly expanded into a chain of hotels, restaurants and clubs. The first diversion into development came in the early 1950s in the popular seaside town of Eastbourne, with conversion of an historic mansion house into 50 luxury apartments.

In the 1970s, the Group changed focus to more long-term asset holding strategies. This continued throughout the 1980s during the retail and property boom. In 1991, with the collapse of the property market and the start of the worst, longest modern-day recession, TCI Group did not stand still. When others were consolidating or failing to survive the harsh financial realities of shaky world economies, the Group expanded. New fledgling electronics and technology-driven companies were formed.

These companies pioneered new entertainment and interactive systems. This development saw the Group’s first overseas office open in Connecticut, USA.

The millennium ushered in even greater challenges. Not only in lightening-fast technology changes, but turmoil and expansion of global markets. The Group leapt on this unique opportunity, entering the Eastern European market and former CIS countries. The latest chapter sees the Group’s arrival in the Middle East, facing the massive challenge of the reconstruction of Iraq.

Where will the next decade, year or month take the TCI Group? Who knows? However, the core principles that date back to 1938 still prevail today. Strong family leadership, built on a firm financial footing. Establishing and developing long-term partnerships with like-minded companies and individuals. Never being afraid of new challenges or ideas. Balancing core established businesses and long-term asset holding with investment into cutting-edge technology and design.